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  Your Focus Zone  

In this timely book, Dr. Lucy Jo Palladino provides powerful new techniques for you to manage your attention, sharpen your focus, and achieve success in today's digital age of distraction.

Life has become faster and fuller. Opportunities abound. Information is everywhere. But non-stop technology erodes our ability to pay attention, make good decisions, and get things done. We live on the edge of being overwhelmed. Old ways of staying focused just don't work any more. Finally there's real help — the practical tools in Find Your Focus Zone.

In this eye-opening book filled with stories and exercises, Dr. Palladino teaches the same strategies that high-achievers like Olympic athletes use. She is the first to explain the science of attention in plain language. You'll learn to quickly filter information, stay on track, and achieve.


Lucy Jo Palladino, PhD is a psychologist and attention expert with thirty years of experience. She is also the author of the award-winning book, Dreamers, Discoverers, and Dynamos,

Lucy Jo Palladino in the Media

Dr. Palladino appears on TV and radio, including CNN and National Public Radio. She’s been in
  Men’s Health
  Family Circle
  Web MD
The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and San Diego Union-Tribune

We’ve all been there – enjoying music, art, travel, conversation, a favorite project, sport, or book. You feel relaxed, alert, and fully engaged. Concentration comes easily and energy flows. You’re in your focus zone.

In today’s world, distraction and overload knocks you out of your zone. More>

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